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Look no further for your new favourite piece of furniture: from you, through us, for you.

Finding comfortable high-quality furniture for your home is now easier than ever thanks to Origyns. We offer a complete furniture catalogue, proving to be legitimate competition with the top Canadian furniture brands. We are working diligently to become one of the most prominent designer identities in the industry today.

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Elegant designer look: (Have something specific in your mind?

Do you have a vision you’d like to bring to life? Look no further! We have a team of professionals working day and night to complete the design that perfectly extracts your dream and places it in your home. Design and style your own furniture with Origyns’s designers and professionals in our personally furnished, comforting environment. Our professionals possess the skill to create furniture according to your most intricate desires.

Our Products

You can select furniture from our collection as well as use your own vision and design the furniture entirely by yourself.

Plant a tree with us

We are extending a warm invitation to all creative designers who wish to join and grow with us. The more creative and abstract the design, the more clients are attracted. Our website makes it possible to have an enjoyable creative experience with the creation of our furniture. If you believe you’re a talented creative, come and let yourself grow with us..

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Talk to a designer

If you are interested in designing your own furniture, go ahead and have a conversation with our designers. They have a high degree of expertise in designing quality furniture, so they will be pleased to answer all of your questions. If you don’t have an image, describe and sketch your design to the best of your ability. From then it will be a collaborative effort to allow your piece to come to life.

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Design Program

Love to design? Calling for a designer!

Are you hoping to be a future designer? Use our platform to execute your innovative design concepts and let us create your first prototype. Submit your custom design and you will have the opportunity to receive feedback directly from our valuable customer base.

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